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Asymmetrical Doffer

Your Next Gen Quality Doffer

Longer Life Span

Improved Lug Geometry

High Quality
Cotton Picking

Works in Higher Temprature

Sharp Edges

What is Asymmetrical Doffer?

Asymmetrical Doffers have lugs with asymmetric profile with an essentially perpendicular leading face and sloped trailing face They work in higher temperature than common doffers expanding their working life span.They are used on John Deere cotton pickers with in-line drum arrangement.

No more stopping and replacing, this U.S. Patented Doffer keeps working!



No more melting

In hard picking conditions common doffers melt due to the high working temperature. Asymmetrical Doffers work in higher temperature than the common doffers without melting and without creating round edges on the lugs.

Longer Life Span

Τhe new design and the upgraded raw materials extend the working life of the Doffer. The asymmetrical profile of the lugs provide more efficient doffing, reduced wear and vibration, and increased yields.

Quality Control

Every asymmetrical doffer is checked during the production and is sent in our quality control lab to examine every aspect of its function.Our Lab Experts make sure that each and every product meet our high requirements!


Company Profile

Our company specializes in the production of polyurethane cotton picker parts for John Deere and Case IH cotton Harvesters. We are in the cotton industry since 1992 and serve the needs of the farmers in the local and international market.
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